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I’m almost a week behind on the blog, which seems to be a running theme this year. I’m certainly shooting at least a little something every day, but sometimes life has just been busy enough that posting shots and writing about them has been a bit of a chore.

I’ve written before here on the blog that oftentimes a client will be understandably nervous or a bit shy at first, and it takes awhile for them to get fully comfortable in front of my lens. But usually, they’re bopping around naked and unashamed by the end of our time together. I don’t mind that, of course. In fact, I take a great deal of pride in it when that happens. It means I’ve gained their trust in less than a couple of hours.

But every now and again I get a client who’s comfortable from square one, and jumps right in. Such was the case on Tuesday when Melissa and I got together to squeeze a shoot into her busy schedule. She was a lot of fun, and we got some great stuff. I’m looking forward to shooting her again when I’m next in town in August.


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Louis Shackleton is an intimate portraiture artist and wildlife photographer formerly based in Wilmington, NC. After 3 years of traveling the continent in his 2001 VW Passat, he's now settled in Seattle, Washington.

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