On the Road Again

I’ve managed to get done most of the work Gypsy needed done thanks to everyone who donated to the GoFundMe my friends set up and a couple of good shoots, and I’ve got a thumb’s up from Greg over at AutoCentro to take her out again. She still needs a couple little things, but she’s rolling and we’re off and running. First up, a trip to Philly to see my daughter and some old friends. A few days there, a night back in DC, a couple nights in Jacksonville, NC to see my son, and then on to Charleston, SC for the Brain Tumor Race. A few days in Columbia to visit Beverly, a week back in DC, and then on to New York City, Boston, and the rest of New England. After that, Gypsy and I will head down the Canadian side of the border into Michigan, on our way down to Indiana for the weekend of June 15th. 

I don’t have to be anywhere else until August, for Woodhull, so I’m working out a plan of where I want to go this summer. The Grand Canyon is on the list, as is Mexico via a return trip to Big Bend. The wind is blowing, and the sails are full. It’s time to get her wheels hot.