Bella Vendetta Gets Wet

I set the scene in several different ways a couple of weeks ago. A waterfall, a forest, and a model. That’s all me.

I needed some shots for the tier images on the Patreon page for the Diverse Sex-Positive Bodies Stock Photography Project, which I set up expressly for paying people to model for the project. All the funds collected there will go directly into the pockets of people who pose for the project. I’m not looking specifically for professional models, but I want to make sure everyone gets paid a fair wage for posing for the project. I can’t do that out of pocket with the little I make, and I need some help getting the project off the ground.

The shoot went swimmingly, as it were, and some of the photos were even just too hot for the front page. But you can see some of the best of them by becoming a patron at even just the $1/month pledge level. Extra sexy shots from the project, newsletters, outtakes, behind the scenes photos, and more content from The Making Lemonade Road Tour 2018: Just the Sugar, Honey, will be available exclusively to patrons, so make your pledge today to get access to all my sexy, schmexy content not available anywhere else!

Make a pledge to help bring more types of bodies and relationships to stock photography, especially for sex-positive, body positive sex and relationship coaches, bloggers, and content creators!

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