Lola and the New Project

My partner Caz had a book release party she wanted to go to on Monday night, for an anthology in which she’d been published. We weren’t sure if we’d be able to go, or if either of us would even be up for it.

I’d been discussing my new Diverse Sex-Positive Bodies Stock Photography Project with one of my favoritest people in the world, who you may know as Dirty Lola from SexEdAGoGo. I’d launched the Patreon for funding people to model for the project on Saturday, and was using the best image I had for graphics for it, but really wanted an image of someone more clearly representative of the aims of the project. Lola replied, “I volunteer as tribute to model if you have time at Woodhull.”

Welp, Lola works in Brooklyn, so Caz and I figured we could make it a combo roadtrip.

We got to Lola’s work late on Monday morning, got the image I wanted for the project, and did the book launch party that night. It was a great whirlwind trip to The Big Apple, and we were back in DC by noon on Tuesday.

Lola is amazing and wonderful, and you should follow her on Twitter.

And if you’d like to see some shots of us just goofing around, those are only available to patrons of the Diverse Sex-Positive Bodies Stock Photography Project on Patreon. All the money raised there will go directly to funding people to pose for this project. Help me add diversity of bodies and relationship styles to stock photography, geared especially for sex and relationship coaches, bloggers, and other content creators by making a pledge for as little as $1/month!