The Diverse Sex-Positive Bodies Stock Photography Project

I’ve just today launched a Patreon page to fund models for a project that is dear to me, and one that I feel is important enough that I’ve been working on it since November. It was born of a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine, Jennifer, from GeekySexyLove. (Be sure to click over there and say thank you, if you find this project worthwhile, and while you’re there poke around!)

From the project’s Patreon page:

“It seems that there is a cycle of a self-reinforcing standard of beauty that imposes itself upon the world. Society has deemed that only a specific type of body can be beautiful, sexy, or naked; because those “ideal” bodies are the only bodies that we see portrayed as beautiful, sexy, or naked, it is rare that someone without an “ideal” body comes forward to be celebrated as beautiful, sexy, or naked. This cycle is an ouroboros of an extremely narrow vision of beauty, reinforcing a racist, ableist, sexist, body-shaming, homophobic, transphobic patriarchal culture. It is a cycle that takes place on both macro and micro levels. This problem affects my client base, but it’s far larger than my portfolio alone.

“Over the years I have noticed the stunning lack of diversity in the stock photography used by sex-positive content creators — and this is not the fault of the content creators, as they can only use what is available. Current stock photography sites tend to offer only a limited view of the world; more specifically, they tend to reflect stereotypical Western standards of beauty which are limited to nondisabled, thinner, younger, whiter bodies and heteronormative pairings.

I want to fuck that shit up.”

You can read more about the project, its background and goals, and the rewards I’m offering for your patronage over on the project’s Patreon page. I could sure use your help, even at $1/month. Please do click through and pledge your support for getting more diverse stock images into the hands of sex-positive, body-positive content creators!




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