Another Foggy Morning in Indiana

The traffic wasn’t terrible along the drive yesterday, but the weather was brutal in places. It came a deluge twice in West Virginia, bringing traffic to a near-standstill both times.

But I made it safely to Indiana, and I’ll be here for an indeterminate period of time. At the very latest, I’ll be back in the DC metro on Tuesday, since I have to be back for Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit, which starts for me on Wednesday. I”m really excited about setting up the Kissing Booth for the evening events’ photobooths, because I have a feeling there will be shenanigans.

Meanwhile, all the moisture in the air seems to have led to this morning’s beautiful fog. It’s probably the prettiest fog I’ve seen since last fall when I was here, rivaling even the fog I shot in Louisiana and the fog I shared on the beach at Fort Fisher. If it comes again tomorrow morning, I plan to be out early enough to get a better shot of it.