Serenity and Serimity

[Image is of Serimity, a young black woman and black hair in a bun, facing partially away from the camera, eyes closed, wearing a large crown of brightly colored flowers and an equally brightly colored silk robe, let halfway down her back.]

There’s been some progress on The Diverse Sex-Positive Bodies Stock Photography Project. While I was in South Carolina a few weeks ago, Serimity came to meet me from Augusta, and we shot several sets in quick succession. The shoot was a bit hurried for my taste, and I had to do a lot of extra work in post to correct some oversights I made during the shoot regarding things like the backdrop. But Serimity was amazing and professional, and we got a lot of great stuff.

Some of it will go into the project, some of it I’ll just share here. As the project progresses, I’m getting a better feel for what might be useful as stock photography, and I think at some point I’m going get together with Serimity again and do another shoot. I think a shot list made up ahead of time would be useful, though it’s something I’ve rarely done in the past. I’m usually a much more “let’s just see what happens” kind of artist, and I’ll admit it chafes a little to add that kind of structure.

I guess I just need to step outside my comfort zone.