[Image is a side view of Patrice, a young black woman with dark brown hair, nude with one leg folded while lying on her belly, one breast exposed toward the camera. The shot is from her shoulders to about her extended knee.]

Sometimes I just need to do a shoot that isn’t work. Not a boudoir client, not for The Diverse Sex-Positive Bodies Stock Photography Project, not a wedding or family portraits. Sometimes I just need to make art for art’s sake. I don’t get to do this sort of shoot as much as I used to, but a few weeks after Becca came to pose for the project, I asked her to return for just a fun bodyscape shoot. She was excited to do it, and brought her friend Patrice along.

Patrice is relatively new to modeling, but came ready to have fun and see what we could do. She and Becca posed together and individually, and it was lovely to just relax and take our time and just see what we could come up with. We laughed and carried on and just generally had a good time. This is one of my favorite shots of Patrice by herself, and I’ll be posting more from the whole shoot. Keep an eye on Patrice, her poise and grace are going to take her places.


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