[Image is a low key black & white bodyscape of M, a male-presenting genderqueer black person with a shaved head, nude and sitting facing the camera, feet together and pulled up close to hir body, hands grasping toes, eyes closed, and lit camera right, leaving most of the camera left side of hir body in shadow.]

I bumped into M on Instagram by way of Caz, who touched base with hir and set up our shoot for The Diverse Sex-Positive Bodies Stock Photography Project, before I left Washington Da City (you know that’s what DC really stands for, don’t you?). Ze had traveled for a long way to get to the shoot, and since we also wanted to just do some fun art stuff, we did it while ze was there. So once we were done working, ze stripped down and we shot some bodyscapes. Holy moly, did we get a lot of good stuff! I’ll probably post a few shots from the stock photo session, too, but man oh man, I”m tempted to toss about twenty photos we got right into the bodyscapes gallery!

We talked a bunch about comics, and M put up with a bunch of my old comic book blatherings from when I was a kid in the 70s. I’m always grateful when someone listens to my old stories, but I’m even more grateful for M’s grace while I figured out lighting and nonsense for the shots we were taking. Ze has a ton of patience for old-man-stories. 

But of all the great shots we got, I think this is by far my favorite. There’s something so… calm… about it. It feels like meditation in one image to me.

M is a professional model, and if you like this shot, I recommend you check out hir Instagram account