Back to Work

I’ve been on hiatus for a bit. The website got borked a few months ago, my travel plans kept getting stymied, all sorts of things were going sideways, blah blah blah. I just didn’t have the wherewithal to devote time and effort to the blog or the website or the project. I don’t even know what’s up with the stock photo galleries I was working on getting ready as I went, and I just needed time to set it all aside and meander about for a bit. I got to visit my son, the bestie, and Jenn and Sean of GeekySexyLove. It’s been a good break.

The featured image for this post is from my shoot with Becca back in September for The Diverse Sex-Positive Bodies Stock Photography Project. We took a bunch of shots that left plenty of negative space for text and graphics, and I threw some text on this one to kind of give an idea of what might be done with them.

Meanwhile, the Patreon donations for the project have been piling up in the account, and at this point I’ve got enough set back for almost 7 model-hours of shoot time. It’s time to get all that crap sorted out, and get back to shooting. I’ll be reaching out to folks to pose for the project in the coming weeks.

I’m back in DC for a few weeks, and in addition to the project shoots, I’ll also be starting to take clients again. My current rate is $150/hr, and a boudoir shoot runs for 2 hours, a portrait/headshot shoot about half that. I may start offering mini-boudoir shoots of one outfit, one hour at $150, but I’ll have to think about that. If you or someone you know is looking for a great, sexy gift for themselves or their loved one(s), please do reach me by email at We’ll talk about you, your style, and what you want, and get it set up.

I’m not quite sure exactly how long I’ll be here before I’ll finally get on the road again, it’s sort of dependent on the weather and the Trump shutdown of the government. It turns out that to camp in a National Park, one needs a camping permit. Camping permits are issued by the park rangers, and they’re on furlough due to the shutdown. Most of the other places currently warm enough to camp (i.e. the Gulf Coast) are soaked from all the rain of late, and I’ll have to wait for warmer, drier weather. 

Meanwhile, the coffee is hot, the wine is lovely, and new music is making me happy.