Hell: Hoth, No Furia

I’ve mostly been sequestered in Caz’ apartment since I’ve been back in DC.  ( #StuckInDaCity )  I don’t like the cold at all, mostly because of all the physical pain it causes me, so I try my best to avoid it. But even inside, y’know how you can still feel in your bones that it’s blue-ass cold outside? That often leaves me more-or-less immobile, and that tends to make me unhappy. I much prefer the desert, where it’s hot and dry, or the beach, where it’s hot and humid, to being even a little bit cold.

Despite that, as we were getting eleventy bajillion inches of that beautiful-but-awful white stuff falling from the sky, I pushed myself to go out in it for a short while to try and get some pretty pictures. I think my best shot of the day actually came off my phone, but whatever.




But as long as I was out there, I thought I’d do something I haven’t done probably since my kids were little. I built a snowman. I think the hat I got in the Bahamas last year was a nice touch.

The whole ordeal left me in a quite a bit of pain this morning. I have a metric crap-ton of stuff I need to get caught up, but I don’t think much of it will get done today.