Help, I’m Alive!

I’ve got a lot to do today, most of which falls under the heading of “catching up all the shit that’s gotten behind”, with an eye doctor appointment for fresh contacts thrown in for good measure. I’m down to my last pair, and I can’t work without them, so it’s got to be done. (Edited later: My eyes are in good shape, almost no change, so no change in prescription since my last visit, August 2017. She did say she sees the very first little hints of cataracts, normal at my age, nothing to be done about them, and no worries.) 

But before I get all buried in work today, I thought it about time I took my first shot of the year. Yeah, I’ve been slacking pretty hard, but I’m getting my ass back in gear now. I didn’t really have anything in particular in mind when I set out to take a shot this morning, but speaking of highly appreciated gifts, this came to mind as a fun shot. I’d been thinking of something with apples (they’re sweet without the sour, so they fit under “Just the Sugar Honey”, I think) for a few days now, and the hammer just sort of fell into place because I’ve got the song that’s embedded below stuck in my head. Earworms are funny, magical things.

I was hoping to get more done yesterday, but my messed up spine decided midday to revolt against me, probably due to the ridiculously cold weather here in Da City. I don’t really have much more to say beyond the fact I’m having a good hair day, I’m happy in spite of the pain, and my heart keeps beating like a hammer.