I’m finally on the road as The Making Lemonade Road Tour 2019 gets underway. It feels good to be mobile (and warm) again, and I’m looking forward to starting to get shoots lined up again for The Diverse Sex-Positive Bodies Stock Photography Project along the way.

After weeks that seemed to drag on forever of repairing and redesigning the website so it doesn’t crash every time I try to upload a photo or write a blog post, I think I’ve mostly got it sorted out. I have a little bit of tedious and time-consuming work to do on the membership section, but I think all the public areas are in good shape.

I left DC on the third of April, and headed down to spend a little over a week with my son in NC. It was good to see him, and he helped me out a lot getting a bunch of little repairs done on Gypsy. I even emptied her out completely, and gave her a good scrubbing, the most thorough one she’s gotten since she’s been mine.

Feel Cute

After my son’s, I spent a night with an old friend up in Uwharrie National Forest for a quick shake-down of the gear. There are a few little things that need to be addressed, but mostly I think I’m in good shape.

I next headed down to the BFF‘s in SC, where I’m at now for a few days, then I’m off to Augusta to visit with Sean and Jenn of GeekySexyLove. Then I’m ready to head west.

I’ve got plans for stops back at the Rose Marie and Big Bend, then I’ll make my way up through the desert southwest, and wind up in Portland, OR for the return of Sex Geek Summer Camp in mid-June. I’m still working out the exact schedule from Augusta to Portland.

I intend to resume shoot video, for a second TMLRT documentary, as well.

But mostly this post is a test to see if it crashes the website again… :/