I love The Rose Marie. I always feel warm and welcome, and it’s always a bit sad to leave.

Cards at The Rose Marie

I don’t really do woo, but I have a lot of friends who are important to me who do do woo. In any event, I’ve never had a tarot reading, but it was quiet, I was interested, and usually the advice I’ve seen from such things is just generally good advice anyway. I’d asked about a particular card that was laying out where I was sitting and watching the birds, so Renée asked if I wanted a go at it. These are the cards I drew, I’ll leave the reader to make of them what they will.

I couldn’t stay long this visit, a few days at most. But The Rose Marie is notorious for sucking a person in and not letting them go until it’s time for them to go, so I had to be firm. The first time I was there, my “just a few days” turned into a month. This time, I managed to stay on track and head out for Big Bend right on (my already delayed) schedule.