I’m working on processing The Creek Shoots from this year’s Sex Geek Summer Camp (#SGSC19). I’m working on them in the order in which I shot them, but they’ll get posted in the order in which folks get back to me to confirm I have their consent to post this or that particular photo. Keep your panties on, they’re coming. (It’s not often you’ll hear me tell anyone to keep their panties on, so savor the moment.) As it happens, Colette was first in both cases.

Colette and I didn’t actually shoot in the creek, as you can see, but it’s not the first time a creek shoot didn’t happen in the creek. But she did have this awesome idea for a shoot in the pool, and it came out beautifully.

There’ll be more shots from this shoot coming soon, I just need to clear up one little thing about which shots I’m permitted to post before I do.

Hang on to your knickers.

Colette, 2019

Or, y’know, don’t.