Early in the week at Sex Geek Summer Camp, a bunch of folks were swimming in the pool, and as these things tend to happen, suddenly there were ducks involved.

Jaime and the Ducks

The thing I quickly learned about Jaime is Jaime just does things all the way. I might describe her modeling style as “Go big or go home.”

Jaime did an imitation of a diving duck, and it was adorable. I asked, when she came back up for air, if she’d be willing to do it again while I shot it, and with her permission, I got this shot with which I’m utterly tickled.

Duck Diving

Later in the week, Jaime and I met up for an actual Creek Shoot in the evening. As we wandered down to the creek, we came across this amazing stump. I asked if she’d like to pose beside it for a few shots. Jaime climbed in.

Jaime and the Stump

When we got to the creek and she got in, I wanted to try a shot with the focus on her reflection, rather than on her herself. I asked if she’d stretch her arms over her head for a pose, and Jaime reached out to hold the moon. I love how this pose worked.

Jaime and the Moon

I was chuckling at the thought that I could see the moon perfectly well when she turned and exclaimed that she could see the actual moon. I asked where, because I couldn’t from where I was, so she pointed it out for me in big, bold, Jaime style.

Where's the Moon?

Near the end of our shoot, I was thinking about how beautifully the trees beyond her were lit by the setting sun, and about how calm the water was. I think this shot really shows off the serenity of the moments between the excited poses and laughs and sexiness.


It turns out Jaime even does serenity in the biggest, boldest of ways.