Right from the start, I knew this was going to be an epic shoot. The Creek Shoots have been especially good to me this year, but this particular shoot stood out from square one.


M’kali-Hashiki brought all the fun and all the attitude that makes for a great shoot right from the beginning, and was not even one little tiny bit shy in front of the camera. We laughed and goofed around the still-being-renovated amphitheater…


…and then the serious business of Bubble Magic happened.

M'kali-Hashiki's Bubble-Blowing Bewb

Ok, so maybe not entirely serious. Sometimes the shot is all in the timing, and sometimes that timing is entirely accidental, and I can’t help but giggle about the timing of the above shot. From this angle, it looks like M’kali-Hashiki has a bubble-shooter in her nipple, and frankly that just cracks me up.

But this next shot is by far my favorite from the shoot. You’ve met The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, now meet The Sorcerer Herself, in all her bubble-magic glory!

M'kali-Hashiki Makes Magic

Everything about our short time together was bold, and sexy, and most of all, fun. And that’s the best. Because if we’re not having fun, what the hell are we doing out here, anyway?


I would absolutely love to shoot with her again when we have a lot more time to work together. Let’s all hope that can happen soon, shall we?