Shooting Hunter at Sex Geek Summer Camp is becoming an annual tradition. I trust no one will mind.

Hunter is always immeasurably fun to shoot with, and this year proved no exception. I was ridiculously busy this year, and our shoot just sort of happened on the spur of the moment in the pool, where she was playing frisbee.

I like frisbee because it’s not a terribly complicated game.

First, of course, you throw the frisbee.

The Hunter Games: Catching Flyer

Then you stick out your tongue.

Hunter Frisbee

Then you catch the Frisbee.

Hunter Frisbee
Hunter Frisbee

Then you check to make sure the photographer got it.

"You got that, right?"

But most of all, you just have fun.

Hunter Frisbee

Because that, after all, is the point.