I was disappointed to not spend a few nights at Walker Lake, after Lovell Canyon, Nevada. But with no shade and no way to safely approach the lake anyway, it seemed best to move on. I stuck the address for the meeting place for Sex Geek Summer Camp staff in my GPS and drove on, figuring I’d stop somewhere else in Nevada for a few days.

As I was driving along, I suddenly passed the “Welcome to California” signs. I hadn’t even realized my route would clip the northeastern corner of the state on my way to Portland, Oregon.

Of course I had to yell, “Eureka! I have found it!”, given that it’s California’s state motto. Also of course, I wasn’t really looking for it.

The stop at Walker Lake delayed me some, but since I no longer really had a destination, it wasn’t much of a problem. Eventually, I pulled over to find myself a place to camp for a few days, and settled on Eagle Lake, California. Having chosen it off the map sight-unseen and without recommendation, I have to say I couldn’t have been luckier.

Eagle Lake

Since there was one person camped there when I arrived, and twenty or so campsites open, I got to choose fairly freely. I chose the one with the best view of the lake. And as pretty as it was when I arrived near dusk, it was even more gorgeous in the daylight.

Eagle Lake

I must have pissed off the universe or something, because suddenly both door zippers on my tent started messing up and not catching and zipping closed.

Zipper Fail

The good news is that there wasn’t much in the way of mosquitoes or other nuisance insects around, since it would be a few weeks before I’d be able to do anything about it. And the weather held up without rain, so maybe I just pissed off the tent gods, and the other gods still looked favorably upon me.

In any event, it was a lovely, much-under-used campground in beautiful northern California, and it put me within a long day’s drive (what I call ‘striking distance’) of Sex Geek Summer Camp. I felt like I was on deck and ready, and that felt really good after such a long road trip.