This will be the seventh year for me as the official photographer for Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit. As always, I’ll be scheduling a limited number of private shoots while I’m at the summit.

If you’ve never met me, and don’t know anything about my photography, there’s plenty here on my website to page through. There’s an About Me section, a Portfolio, a gallery of some of my favorite Boudoir shots over the years, art galleries, portrait galleries, and of course, my blog, where I post photos and talk about my travels, shoots I do, birds, and random personal nonsense.

In brief, I am a physically disabled, traveling, Sex-Positive, Body-Positive, Kink, Poly, and LGBTQIA-welcoming nature, event, erotic, nude, boudoir, and portrait photographer. (That’s a mouthful, eh?)

I’m currently wandering around the continent on what I call The Making Lemonade Road Tour (#TMLRT and #TMLRT2019), seeing what I’ve never seen, going where I’ve never gone, shooting what I’ve never shot before.

The shoots are always so much fun at the summit, and serve a few purposes for me, personally. They help me meet expenses so I can shoot the summit, but they also give me some down time to clear my head before getting back to the event.

I do them as inexpensively as I can, to make professional headshots or sexy boudoir photos accessible to as many folks as I can. So while $150 may seem like a lot at first, I include both the sitting fee and all the finished photos! There’s no choosing which ones you love enough to buy, no hidden extra fees, no further costs.



That’s it.

Ringing Endorsement

There’s a certain amount of self-interest here, of course. There’s no better high in the world to chase, than to help someone realize how beautiful they are.

Sex Geek Summer Camp, 2015

Whether you’ve never done a sexy boudoir shoot and have always wanted to, or you just need updated professional headshots, Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit is the perfect time to do that photoshoot.

Email works best for me while I’m on the road, and I’m only able to schedule a very limited number of shoots during the Summit. After that, I’m off wandering again, so shoot me a quick note at and we’ll get you scheduled for what might be the most fun photoshoot you’ve ever done!

Time is short, spaces are few, so don’t wait ’til later!

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