It used to be that I’d go birding every day or three, but not so much these last few years. I haven’t lost my interest in them, or in shooting them, it’s just that I have a lot of other things on my plate.

Nevertheless, every now and again I get a minute to point my camera in the general direction of a bird or two. Here’s a few (somewhat) recent ones, some of them new for my life-lists.

I shot this Roseate Spoonbill a long ways off, last November, across Greenfield Lake, in Wilmington NC. It’s new for my life-lists.

I haven’t yet identified this flycatcher, which I shot at the Grand Canyon at the end of May.

And this Mountain Chickadee, new for my life-lists, also while I was at the Grand Canyon.

This Juniper Titmouse, new for the life-lists, was flitting around Lovell Canyon, Nevada, while I was there.

Another unidentified flycatcher, this time at Eagle Lake, in California. Did I mention that flycatchers are a pain in the ass to sort out, especially when you’re standing on the wrong coast?

This Pygmy Nuthatch is new for the life-lists, also shot at Eagle Lake, California.

This wasn’t a great shot of a Rock Wren, the little fucker wouldn’t hold still. I was at Eagle Lake, California, but got better shots of some in Idaho, a few weeks later. But it was new for the life-lists at the time, so I kept the shot.

If you enjoy looking at my birds, don’t go too far. There’s more where those came from coming soon. I’ve been deliberately making time for my bird photography.