When I finally left Seattle, I headed east. I had been hoping to make a run to Vancouver, BC to see some friends, and then on to Alaska. But with Woodhull on the calendar breathing down my neck, I didn’t feel comfortable with the amount of time I’d have to take to do it.

It turns out it was a very good thing I didn’t attempt the long drive to Alaska (18 hours drive time alone from Vancouver), and that’s a story I’ll tell in a bit.

But I did get to go to Idaho, leaving only Colorado and Nebraska of the lower 48 unvisited. I camped in the canyon on the Snake River, a few hours from where Evel Knievel attempted his death-defying jump in the 1970s. I was just south of Boise, about 50 kilometers from the nearest little town, at a dam called Swan Falls. The dam made for a very pretty sunset.

Swan Falls, ID 2019