Life has been getting away from me the last little bit, so the blog has had to take a back seat. I’ll probably write about that some later, but for now I’m content to peck away at some of the stuff I haven’t posted from my trip around the country this summer.

Jasmine was my other big shoot from the Oregon Tantra Festival. Like my shoot with Carly, where I felt the need to split her photos into two posts (Carly, Part the First and Carly, Part the Second), I’ll do the same here.

She brought along a dress she wanted some photos in, and so we took care of those before getting her wet. I’m particularly fond of this one. If that particular spot looks familiar, that’s because it’s exactly where I took one of Laika. The similarities of the two shots are completely unintentional, but it’s interesting to me to compare and contrast the two.

Jasmine in Black

Remember when Jaime got in that giant stump at Sex Geek Summer Camp the week before? Jasmine and I made a similar stop on our way down to the creek.


Assuming it’s still there next year, I’ll definitely make more use of this stump. I really love how rough and jagged it is, and the contrast it provides to a nude human form. Jasmine’s beautifully long hair seems to provide a nice bridge between the two, and I love all the shots we took in the stump. It was difficult to choose just one or two to post here.


We eventually made it creekside, took the dress photos, then some nudes in the high grass and the foxglove. There was a fairy-like or nymph-like quality in the way Jasmine moved through the scene, and I think this shot comes closest to capturing that.

Modestly Nude

We took a couple on the log nearby, a convenient place to sun, it seems.


When it was finally time to get in the creek, Jasmine was ready, and I can’t wait to share some of those shots in another post. We had a great time, and the shoot produced a lot of good stuff, so keep an eye out for the rest of them.