I’m getting settled in my new city, and a few days ago walked the couple blocks over to the cemetery nearby. I carried my camera with me in case I saw anything noteworthy, but mostly the walk was just to feel the neighborhood around me, breathe the air, find a quiet spot to just be.

I didn’t see any angels, weeping or otherwise, but I did see some pretty headstones, noticed some interesting names, and heard some strange birds (and a few old favorites from the east coast as well). But it was a couple of the epitaphs that moved me to squeeze the shutter button, this one among them.

Walk softly…

Dreams lie buried here

Those words have been hanging around in the back of my head since I read them, never really in the forefront, but just sort of lingering. I found them somehow comforting, or consoling, or something.

I didn’t expect this morning to begin with news that one of my dearest friends went to California last night, but that’s how the day started. I’d just gotten a package from her yesterday, and only heard the news when I messaged her this morning to thank her. I don’t know what connection there is between these words and my friend’s passing, perhaps none at all, but I planned to post this shot today. Whatever I was thinking of writing about it is now gone from my head.