Last Sunday, a week and a half ago as you read this, I really threw my back out. I pulled a muscle, and the resulting muscle spasms put me on the floor numerous times over the next several days. By Wednesday I was feeling better, and was getting around much more easily, though I was still using my cane.

One Step at a Time

It’s funny, my partner Gretchen had to remind me that I had one. I guess I’m so used to using it for neck-related nonsense I didn’t even connect my inability to walk from the pulled muscle with using the cane. Perhaps subconsciously I’d just assigned it a purpose, and this was outside that raison d’être. Still though, I’m usually pretty good at MacGyvering solutions to problems, and this should have been obvious. Brains are weird.

In any event, the office Gretchen and I have set up for me is upstairs. After several days of bed rest downstairs in our bedroom, I’m reinstalled in the office. The stairs take some time, and give me more trouble going down than up, but I’m taking them one step at a time.

On the upside, the excruciating pain motivated me to make my first appointment with my new doctor here in Seattle. Those who know me are aware I have a thing about going to the doctor, and those who know me well are aware of the incident over a decade ago from which my thing stems. I’ve started to get my healthcare in order a couple of times over the last few years, but each time was met with disdain from an uncaring universe. I hope this time my effort to get my shit together can be a more continuing and sustained effort.

I’ve done the initial appointment – a pleasant hello, the medical history, the family history, an exam of the back, and some welcome pain relief through modern chemistry – and now I need to schedule some lab work and a follow-up for whatever health needs I have, including smoking cessation.

There’s a long list of issues to be addressed, I’m sure, and it all feels a bit overwhelming, but as with the staircase, I’m taking it one step at a time.

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