There are a couple of themes in the list I’m using which will be dependent on Mother Nature. There’s not much I can do about “Winter Landscapes” until it’s actually winter, for instance, and this summer was just not the summer to try to shoot something for “Summer Fun”. I’ll save the latter of those for next summer, late in the project.

Seattle, WA, 2020

I just moved to Seattle in June, so I’m not at all an expert on the weather. And I’m sure Seattle gets its share of wind. Probably. I guess. But since I’ve been here, the air has been mostly calm with a mild breeze most days. I was actually starting to wonder about this theme, “When the Wind Blows”. What if it doesn’t?

I’m sure I would have figured something out, but as it happens, Labor Day had the strongest breezes I’ve seen so far here. I figured I should take advantage of the moment and get this theme taken care of while I could.

It was a beautiful day for a walk, and truth be told I haven’t gotten out much since the camping trip to Hoh. That took a lot out of me, and although I’ve driven to the store a few times, that sort of thing, I haven’t done any walking at all. It’s taking awhile to recover, it seems. That bit blows, but I don’t regret going at all.

This post is a part of another round of the 52-week challenge photography project. I’ll post the pieces on Tuesdays, and this is the shot for this week. Click the camera icon above to see the other pieces for this project, or just click here.