I’m a bit late in the day posting this one. I usually like to have the weekly 52 Week Challenge photo up early in the day. I turned the themes over in my head all week, and had more than a little trouble deciding which theme I’d tackle, and how I’d tackle it. In the end, I decided this morning to take a walk across the Fremont Cut to go see something I’d been meaning to visit for over a year now, before I was to visit Seattle last summer (2019).

Something about this sign along the way to my destination just sat funny with me, and thus it became the shot for the week.

That wasn’t the shot I’d left the house to take, but it turned out to be perfect for the theme I’d chosen, “Bridge”. This one was another contender. I like the blue and orange of the Fremont Bridge, a drawbridge across the shipping channel, with the plainer high-arch steel cantilever bridge, the Aurora Bridge, in the background.

Along the way to where I was originally intending to go, I passed the Center of the Universe. I knew this sign was in the area, and intended to see it after my main objective, but somehow didn’t realize it was right along my route.

I haven’t actually checked the accuracy of all the distances, but I can vouch for Polaris and Noogie. I intended to visit Lenin while I was walking around Fremont, but by the time I made my original goal, I knew I’d be running low on walking ability by the time I got back home. I’ll visit ol’ Nic another time, I imagine. I’m not sure what the Repunzel thing is, but I should probably look into that.

I eventually did make it to my original target, The Fremont Troll, and it was worth the walk. The sculpture of a troll gripping a VW Beetle is massive, and still adorable. If you happen to be in the area, he’s worth a visit.

I’d like to have a bunch of lights to light him properly, maybe something spooky at night or something, for a totally cool shot, but I don’t suppose that’s a thing that’ll happen. Out of curiosity, I turned around and took a shot of his eternal view, while I was there.

If you’re a concrete troll stuck under a bridge, I don’t suppose this view is so bad. Could be worse.

Anyway, that’s my walk for today, and my shot for this week at the top. Don’t forget there’s no jumping from the bridge. The consequences of jumping from the bridge are fatal and tragic.

This post is a part of another round of the 52-week challenge photography project. I’ll post the pieces on Tuesdays, and this is the shot for this week. Click the camera icon above to see the other pieces for this project, or just click here.