As is sometimes the case, I’m late, though I usually get my post up by the end of Tuesday. I just forgot about it, I suppose.

I’ve taken this basic shot and posted it before, back in August. It’s my view of the Cascades to the Northeast, from my office window. But the day before Christmas Eve, for whatever reason, the view from here to there was unusually clear, in spite of weirdly hazy skies above. I felt like I had to take the shot again, for comparison.

Cascades from Seattle, 2020

And since I’m late, I’ll throw in a bonus comparison. This is the view from Kerry Park toward the Space Needle and Mt. Rainier (affectionately known locally as “The Mountain”), to the southeast. Kerry Park is in my neighborhood, a little strip of street-side grass, really, but it’s got the iconic view of Seattle going for it. Lots of people take shots of the Space Needle from here.

Seattle, 2020

On December 2nd, I saw the morning was going to be crisp and clear, and thought I’d try to get a nice shot of the Needle and the Mountain. We were closing in on the winter solstice, which means the sun is rising about as far south of east as it gets, and it might just be in the same frame. I took advantage of the clear morning, and sure enough, it all worked out just as I planned. That never happens, so I was pretty happy about it.

But compare that shot to the one I took from the same spot back in September, when the fires were raging in California, Oregon, and eastern Washington.

A couple of clear December mornings really showed off the Seattle area’s natural beauty, don’t you think?

This post is a part of another round of the 52-week challenge photography project. I’ll post the pieces on Tuesdays, and this is the shot for this week. Click the camera icon above to see the other pieces for this project, or just click here.