This week’s edition of the #52WeekChallenge is called, “Greetings from”, and I found just the spot for this shot.

I suppose I could have just shot the Space Needle, it’s the most iconic Seattle landmark there is. But I’ve done that, a couple of times in fact, and wanted something different.

I drove down to the south side of the city, oddly called West Seattle, where I found the Statue of Liberty. I’d seen it on Google Maps, and knew immediately this would be the place I’d take this shot.

Seattle, 2021

I did some birding on the beach down there, and it was a lovely day for it, but the birds weren’t as cooperative as I’d hoped, and I didn’t get much of anything worth posting. Nevertheless, it was an amusing trip, despite the horrendous traffic and lack of quality birding.

Gretchen had also mentioned the ferries and how iconic Seattle they are, so I did take a few shots of those while I was down there.

Seattle, 2021

But I think the Statue of Liberty would make a great Greetings from Seattle postcard, just to poke people in the brain.

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