For this week’s theme I chose Drops of Water, which almost seems like a gimme, here in Seattle in the winter. It seems unusual when it’s not raining.

Seattle, 2021

That’s taking some getting used to. Between that and the shorter days (Seattle has about an hour and a half less daylight this time of year than Wilmington), I’m not seeing much in the way of sunshine. But that’s not the only adjustment I’m having to make, as I’m sure one could guess.

I’ve quit smoking (40 days, tomorrow) and cut nearly all the trans and saturated fats out of my diet, and gotten my cholesterol down to healthy levels. Having fish for dinner twice a week is a major adjustment in itself. It’s not that I don’t like fish, I do, but fish isn’t the first thing I’d pick off the menu in the past. A big, fat, juicy double cheeseburger would be much more my speed.

It’s not as warm here as southeastern North Carolina, of course, but it’s not actually all that cold, either. Certainly nothing like winter in Philadelphia, where I grew up.

Besides my partner Gretchen, I know like two people in Seattle, and duh, pandemic, hanging out is not a thing. I think I’m managing the isolation alright though, I’m keeping in touch electronically.

But I guess the biggest adjustment is just being planted. Living somewhere, having a place I call home. I haven’t had that in a hot minute. I’d already done my driver’s license, and today I did this –

Seattle, 2021

It’s been four years since my license, Gypsy’s registration, and my actual place of residence all officially matched on the respective official documents. It’s funny how similar the NC and WA plates look, though.

Seattle, 2021

I’m sure that says something deeply metaphorical, but I’ll be damned if I know what that is.

This post is a part of another round of the 52-week challenge photography project. I’ll post the pieces on Tuesdays, and this is the shot for this week. Click the camera icon above to see the other pieces for this project, or just click here.