I was walking in the neighborhood the other day, and noticed a very cool optical illusion given by the KIRO TV tower at the top of Queen Anne hill. So you can see the tower goes straight up, then bends over your head from this angle, right?

Seattle, 2021

Turns out that no, it doesn’t, actually. If you stand near the base and look up the tower from any of the three flat sides of the tower, it looks just like the tower is leaning over you. If you look at the tower from any of the corners, you can see it just goes up. So what causes this illusion?

Like an idiot, I didn’t take a shot from one of the corners to show you, so you’ll have to take my word for this:

The triangular tower tapers as it goes up, right up to the bottom of the last white stripe. Then the tapering stops, and it just goes straight up from there. I’m guessing your brain just expects it to continue tapering and works your image around that perspective.

Next time there’s a halfway decent blue sky, I’ll go get a picture from one of the corners and post it.

Pretty cool though, isn’t it?

Seattle, 2021

Also, there were a couple of guys doing some work up there. Heights don’t generally put me off much, and I’m sure the view is amazing from up there, but I think I’d rather not have their job unless I were forced to. That’s my perspective on their perspective.

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