I like to have themes for my Spotify playlists, usually having something to do with drinks.

Gretchen, 2021

It’s a tradition that started with the original Sweet N Sour playlist, and it’s one I find entertaining. High Octane Coffee is probably the one I listen to most while driving, and Here’s a Toast, There’s Only One is my go-to pick-me-up playlist. It’s Another Tequila Sunrise has songs that remind me of the desert southwest, and Why Is All The Rum Gone? has a Caribbean feel. Supersonic Slushie celebrates my new home in Seattle, and I’m sure the other themes are obvious enough. And I still listen to the original Sweet N Sour playlist at the start of every big road trip.

And it seemed like Inauguration Day needed its own playlist, one to celebrate the end of four years of a nightmarish dumpster fire political hellscape. It’s finally time to start fixing the slash-and-burn, and begin walking the long road back to working on making the world a better place.

So here’s a little traveling music, on a playlist I call Pop the Cork. And thanks again to my partner Gretchen for posing for the cover art.

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