Last week I switched up the order to shoot the “Shoot From Above” prompt, so this week it’s “Shoot From Below”

Seattle, 2021

As sometimes happens with me, as long-time followers are well aware, I’m a little bit late getting this post up.

To be honest, I was just stumped. On its face, the challenge could be met by pointing the camera up at anything and squeezing the button. But I was hoping to find something at least a little bit more interesting. Something like the KIRO TV tower I shot for the other #52WeekChallenge I’m working through. Nothing really bit me in the ass all week though, so a bit late this morning, I walked over to the cemetery and lay down under the holly trees where I found last week’s Golden-crowned Kinglet.

I guess if I wasn’t going to be overly inspired, I could at least be complementary.

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