I’m told the typical Seattle landscape in winter involves rain much more often than snow, so I had been wondering what I’d do for this prompt, or if I’d even do it. There are some alternate themes that can be substituted in, and that was an option. But Mother Nature decided to oblige my project and this past weekend it snowed like hell. Can’t get much more Winter Landscape than that.

Winter Landscape

The flurries started Thursday afternoon, and the scene out front of the house looked like this by about 4 AM Friday. The smoking cessation medication I’m on has completely trashed my sleep cycle, so I’m usually awake for multiple hours in the middle of the night. It was kind of pretty so I got the camera out and took a few shots.

We were projected to get somewhere between a dusting and six inches of snow, and sure enough, it snowed all day Friday, and through the night. This next shot is about 2 AM Saturday.


I thought about going over to Discovery Park and taking a shot across the meadow or something, but my neck and back and legs haven’t been great lately, for one thing. For another, the giant hill I live on didn’t look inviting for a casual drive. I did manage a short walk with Gretchen, and got to see a whole bunch of neighborhood families out having a blast, skiing, sledding, tubing, shoeing, and boarding down the streets in the area.

The snow will make another appearance this week, in Friday’s installment of the 2021 Fifty-two week challenge, so be sure to come back for that. Until then, stay warm and safe though this nonsense.

This post is a part of another round of the 52-week challenge photography project. I’ll post the pieces on Tuesdays, and this is the shot for this week. Click the camera icon above to see the other pieces for this project, or just click here.