I quit smoking back in December. My last cigarette was December 4th, and I’m pretty proud of that, after a pack a day for just over 30 years. But I’d needed a little help, and was on an anti-depressant that’s also used for smoking cessation. Thing is, it really scrambled my brain. I was having some pretty bad anxiety and panic attacks, and they kept getting worse. I dealt with that as long as I could, and about the time of my last post, I was at the end of my rope and just about able to function. My doctor gave me the ok to wean off the medication, and it took a bit to return to mostly-normal, but I think I’m out of the woods now. I’ll catch up on the two 52-week photo projects, and I’ve got some other stuff I want to get started on now, too. With that, here’s the post that’s been uploaded and sitting in the queue for a the last month.

Earlier this week for the other 52 Week Challenge I’m working through, I posted some photos of the unusual snowfall we got over the weekend.

Zero to Six

When I moved out here to Seattle, it was my understanding that snowfall was rare and minor. Imagine my horror when I heard the forecast was predicting six inches of snow! Then imagine my horror when *THIS* happened!

Lines. Seattle, Valentine's Day 2021

I managed to survive The Great Snowpocalypse of 2021, but I think whoever is in charge of the weather needs a stern talking to!

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I published the list I’m using for 2021, in order, in the first post, if you’d like to follow along or join me.