This is my standard rate for all shoots:

Your narrative is your story. It’s yours and yours alone, and yours to tell in any way you’d like. Telling your story properly through professional images is an investment in yourself.

Whether your shoot is portraits or boudoir, my fee works out to $150/hr for shoots. A portrait shoot usually lasts about an hour, and a boudoir shoot lasts between two and three. Anything over an hour equals the next hour, so 61-120 minutes = 2 hours = $300. That includes the sitting fee and also covers ten finished digital images for each hour we shoot. I’m going to choose the best photos, I promise. I’ll also deliver a number of unfinished proofs, which I will finish and deliver to you at your request for an additional $50 per block of five photos of your choice. How many there are to choose from will just depend how well the shoot goes.

Prints are extra, and you can find those prices right here.

My travel expenses, if any, will depend on how far out of my way I’m traveling to mesh up with your schedule. I’ve recently settled in Seattle, so for folks who live nearby, there will not usually be any.

So now you know the price. You’ve looked through my boudoir portfolio and/or my portrait portfolio. You’ve read the FAQ. And now you’re ready to tell your story as only you can. It’s time to take the next step.

Click right here, and we’ll get you scheduled!


Amy, 2016, by Seattle Boudoir Photographer Louis Shackleton
Amy, 2016

My policy on trade shoots for professional models:

Now, I sometimes waive my fee for professional models, but only if they’ll pose for my nude art, or sometimes if I need something specific at that time (like bridal boudoir, for instance).

I’m going to say this as kindly and gently as I can:

I’m not a fashion photographer. I don’t want to be a fashion photographer. I don’t even like fashion photographers. I saw a fashion photographer on the side of the road once and I ran him over, just for spite. (Just kidding, of course. I like fashion photographers just fine. Plus, he wasn’t hurt that badly. He probably didn’t even need that ambulance.)

But seriously, a trade shoot needs to benefit both the model and the photographer. And shots of you in that spiffy new dress don’t benefit me at all. If you’re not willing to pose for my art or boudoir, no problem. I’m not upset, and you’ll get no judgment from me. It’s your thing, do what you wanna do.

But you don’t want to work for free, and neither do I. I’ll shoot your fashion stuff for you, but you’ve got to get naked (or nearly so, depending on what I need) *first*. Or pay me as any other client would. I’m happy either way.

That’s just the way it is.

Jumble - Figure 13

Ashley, 2015
Ashley, 2015

The lovely model for the header image on this page is Katy.