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The Making Lemonade Road Tour Calendar

I’m out traveling the country on The Making Lemonade Road Tour, doing photoshoots along the way. Here’s where I know I’ll be so far, and I’ll keep this schedule updated as I go.

Want to book me for a solo photo session or a photo party with up to five of your best friends? Drop me a note here, or use the Calendly booking app below the calendar. Don’t see your city? Ask! I can always be enticed…





2018 Tour Dates

May 12-15 Philadelphia, PA

May 16-17 Jacksonville, NC

May 18-19 Charleston, SC

May 20-21 Columbia, SC

May 22-23 Jacksonville, NC

May 24-June 5 Washington DC Metro Area

June 6-7 Boston, MA

June 8-10 Saratoga, NY

June 11-13 New England –> Detroit

June 14-19(ish) Bloomington, IN

June 20(sorta) IN–>KY–>TN–>Ouachita National Forest, AR (Postponed)

June 21 Georgetown, TX (Postponed)

June 22-? Big Bend National Park, TX (Postponed)

Boquillas del Carmen, Coahuila, Mexico (Postponed)

Albuquerque, NM (Postponed)

Mesa Verde National Park, CO (Postponed)

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ (Postponed)

Canyonlands National Park, UT (Postponed)

Arches National Park, UT (Postponed)

Portland, OR (Postponed)

Seattle, WA (Postponed)

Vancouver, BC, Canada (Postponed)

Yellowstone National Park, WY (Postponed)

Bloomington, IN (Postponed)

August 1-5 Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Alexandria, VA

November 2-3 Jacksonville, FL


I’m also chronicling the journey in my Journal of Impossible Things and blogging as I go, perhaps to wind up as a coffee table photo and memoir book. You can follow my adventures by bookmarking just my The Making Lemonade Road Tour 2018 category or the entire blog!

I’m sort of working on a documentary, as well. I’ve been releasing a few clips on my YouTube channel, little 3 to 5 minute bites of what I’m up to and what’s rattling around in my head as I go. And it turns out the story I’m telling is not the story I thought I was telling. This year’s chapters should be a lot of fun, so keep your eyes peeled!




2017 Tour Dates


February 10-18 Washington, DC

February 20-22 Wilmington, NC

February 23-26 Columbia, SC

February 27-March 1 New Orleans, LA


March 31-April 2 Charlotte, NC – Charlotte Brain Tumor Race

April 3-8 – Wilmington, NC

April 8-18 Columbia, SC


April 27-May 2 Columbia, SC

May 3-4 Wilmington, NC  Congaree National Park, SC


May 5-7 Charleston, SC – Charleston Brain Tumor Walk

May 8-9 Wilmington, NC

May 10-13 Columbia, SC

May 14-21 Congaree National Park, SC Synchronized Fireflies!


WESTWARD BOUND – I’m intending to travel to New Orleans, Houston, Oklahoma, Big Bend, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and then travel back east through the heartland – . My schedule is still very flexible here, so if you want me to come to you and you’re out that way, now is the time to touch base and get me to your town!

May 22-30 Ragley, LA

May 30-June 1 Marble Falls, TX

June 2-7 Big Bend National Park, Alpine, TX

June 8-13 Tuscon, AZ

June 14-15 Phoenix, AZ

June 16-17 Los Angeles, CA

June 17 Big Sur and Garrapata State Park, CA : And this is why.

June 18-27 Sequoia National Forest, CA

June 28-July 4 San Francisco, CA


EASTWARD BOUND – I’ve always been heading home. …the long way ’round.

July 5-6 Salt Lake City, UT

July 7-12 (ish) Devil’s Tower, WY/Mount Rushmore, SD

July 14-18 (kinda) Minneapolis, MN

July 20-26 (ish) Indianapolis, IN

July 28-August 2 Mt. Storm, WV – Sex Geek Summer Camp

August 2-6 Arlington, VA – Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit

August 7-15 Washington DC Metro area

August 16-19 Wilmington, NC

August 20-23 (ish) Columbia, SC




September 2-10 Columbia, SC

September 11-12 Washington DC Metro area

September 13-17 (Booked) Indianapolis, IN

September 21-24 (sorta) Kiptopeke State Park, Cape Charles, VA for my annual fall migration birding trip


September 27 (ish)-30 (kinda) Washington DC Metro area.


October 12-23 Philly

October 18-24 Vacationing šŸ™‚ Vaca to the Bahamas got canceled due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, and the fact that I had no one to go with me on such short notice.


November 10-12 St. Augustine, FL – Florida Brain Tumor Walk & 5K Race

November 13 (ish)-17 (sorta) Augusta, GA