Park Panorama

Home for a Few Days

If I had to choose a physical location to associate with the word 'home', it'd…

Becca Buddiee Black And White

Becca Buddiee Black and White

It's been a year and a half since I last saw Becca, and she's grown wonderfully…

Climbing Nude

Lost Lemonade Files: Climbing Nude

I got together with Druantia awhile back, and we found a quiet forested space…

The Window: Life Finds a Way

Happy World Photography Day

On August 19, 1839, the French government purchased the patent to…

Stray Hairs

Putting it to Bed

A few years ago I did a 365-day photography project. The idea is to take a…

flutterby bbs

flutterby bbs!

Mama and papa took off when I got up to go get the camera, but the three babies…

Foggy Shed

Another Foggy Morning in Indiana

The traffic wasn't terrible along the drive yesterday, but the weather was…


Huntington, WV

I had a sudden need to go be with a friend who needed support and love, and I…

Stormy Sunset

Stormy Sunset

Seems like the storms are more than just metaphorical, lately.


Make A Drink

Sometimes there's just one answer to a problem.      



Sometimes I see the oddest things in the weirdest places. I'm going to just…

Self-Portrait in Black

Self Portrait with Pop

No, not that Pop. Just pop, the expression. To make up for the previous day's…

Princeton Selfie

Selfie in Princeton

Looks like I forgot to take an actual photo that day, but I did take a selfie.…


Princeton University

I left my Pop's and went up to Princeton, NJ for a few days. The campus of…



I'm a week behind posting my shots for my 365 day photo project. I'm worn out,…


Olympus Crumbles

My father is not a good man. If you ask him, that’s what he’ll tell you. I had…

The Ship

A Ship, A Painting, A Photo, And A Man

My father once owned a painting. He loved that painting, so much so that it was…


Pennsylvania, To See My Pop

After three coats of paint, Melinda's bathroom is almost painted. I needed a…