The Making Lemonade Road Tour Documentary

I started out homeless and broken-hearted, traveled in a big circle around the country, and wound up back where I started. Along the way, I shot these 23 short (3-5 minutes each) videos.

Originally, I intended for them to be one large documentary. But it turns out that I like them in a format of small bites, so you can watch a few and come back later.

Feel free to laugh, try not to cry.

The Diverse Sex-Positive Bodies Stock Photography Project

Current stock photography sites tend to offer only a limited view of the world; more specifically, they tend to reflect stereotypical Western standards of beauty which are limited to nondisabled, thinner, younger, whiter bodies and heteronormative pairings.

I want to fuck that shit up.

Behind the Scenes

I took some time to edit up some of the BTS footage for y'all to see what goes on during a shoot.

(Mostly, we goof off.)

Bonus Video:Outtakes from the TMLRT Documentary

Things don't always go smoothly.

Some shit from the cutting room floor.