You are unique.

There’s only one of you in the whole world. You are complex, with many sides to you. And your portraits should reflect that with unique, creative portrait photography in Seattle.

No matter who you are or what skin you’re in, your portraits tell your story in a way that only you can tell it. And that story grows and changes from year to year, day to day, and even hour to hour.

Your portraits should keep up with you.

Unique, creative portrait photography in Seattle - Ashley, 2013

“I had so much fun working with Louis Shackleton this morning! It started out as a standard head shot shoot, but became a lot more fun. This is a fantastic shot, he’s so talented!” ~ Ashley

You are ever-changing.

You’re a scrambling parent in the morning. A busy professional during the day. You’re a chef in the evening, bartender and conversationalist after that. And then perhaps you’re a lover late at night.

Which of those people are the real you? All of them. All of those people are you, and they all squeeze into one suit of armor we call skin. Which story you want to tell is up to you, and I’m here to help you tell it wonderfully, uniquely, and creatively.

You are contradiction.

You’re bold and shy, strong and weak, hard-nosed and soft-hearted. Sometimes you’re supremely productive, and sometimes you’re a couch potato. You can be so sweet and you can be so fiery, you are all these things and you are their opposites.

One portrait cannot capture you, cannot tell your story. You are this amazing organism we call human, and you deserve to be seen in all those ways.

You are harmony.

And you are so very much, blended together, working together, and affecting the world together.

You are beautiful.

It’s your smile, your gaze, and your laugh. It’s who you are inside that makes you the most beautiful you. And who you are inside should be seen from the outside.

You are ready.

Give yourself the gift of you. Show off your sexy, your playful, your public, and your mystery. Unique, creative portrait photography in Seattle by Seduction Photography will capture whatever sides of you that you want to share.

The lovely model for the header image on this page is Olivia.

The lovely model in the mask at the top of the page who said such nice things about me is Ashley.