Baseball 03

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After a long night of drinking and catching up, I went to take a few photos of my old friend Mike’s baseball game. Some of the players asked about buying some of the shots, so I wound up shooting much more, and now I’m making them available as downloadable files. Purchased photos can be downloaded without the watermark, and should be high-enough resolution to get a nice 6″ X 9″ print.


The Making Lemonade Road Tour

For the last two years, I've been traveling the country shooting whatever catches my eye, whatever I find beautiful. The video is the introduction to a documentary I've shot along the way. Click through and view the rest directly on YouTube!

Watch The Making Lemonade Road Tour Documentary on YouTube

Boudoir Photography

Sexy, intimate portraits are my bread and butter. Fun and affordable, a boudoir photoshoot is for everyone. Take a look at some of my favorite work!

View the gallery of some of my favorite boudoir work!
Less Serious

Photography by Louis Shackleton

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