UPDATE: After three years, I’ve parked the car and settled in Seattle, Washington. I haven’t decided what, if anything, to do with this page, so for the moment I’ll just add this update and leave it mostly alone for posterity. You should still watch the documentary, though, I’m very proud of it!

I’m out traveling the country on The Making Lemonade Road Tour, doing photoshoots along the way. Below the video, you’ll find my calendar of where I know I’ll be so far, and I’ll try keep this schedule updated as I go.

I’m also chronicling the journey in my Journal of Impossible Things and blogging as I go, perhaps to wind up as a coffee table photo and memoir book. You can follow my adventures by bookmarking just my The Making Lemonade Road Tour 2019 category or the entire blog!

I’m sort of working on a documentary, as well. I’ve been releasing a few clips on my YouTube channel, little 3 to 5 minute bites of what I’m up to and what’s rattling around in my head as I go. And it turns out the story I’m telling is not the story I thought I was telling. This year’s chapters should be a lot of fun, so keep your eyes peeled!