You have a narrative.

No matter who you are in the bedroom – top, bottom, switch – a little lace, a lot of leather, or nothing at all – shy and demure or raging kinkster – you have a story to tell, and we’ll tell it in photos you’ll cherish for years to come with unique boudoir photography in Seattle. Look through the gallery below, then let’s get started by answering some of your most obvious questions here, including questions about pricing.

Do it for yourself. Do it for them. Because now is your time, and today is your day.

Shay, 2015, by Seattle Boudoir Photographer Louis Shackleton

You deserve this.

You deserve to feel beautiful. And you deserve to see how beautiful you are. Your narrative is your story, and you deserve to tell it in all it’s glory. Tell it just the way you want, as only you can. Professional intimate portraits by Seattle boudoir photographer Louis Shackleton will help you do that. And we’ll work together to do it artistically and beautifully. Whether you want formal business portraits or sexy boudoir images, Seduction Photography by Louis Shackleton is here to help you look and feel your very best. Together we’ll create timeless, jaw-dropping images you’ll want to hang on your living room wall.

Take a few minutes to look through my portfolio, and begin your journey to an unforgettable investment in yourself.

You've been looking for something.

Have you looked at every Seattle boudoir photographer’s website that you could find, but….? But none of them really spoke to you? Is there something you just can’t quite put your finger on that’s kept you looking?

All the pictures are pretty enough. And many of the photographers are clearly talented. But the photos… just aren’t you, are they? This photographer works in this studio and the photos are too over-processed. That photographer works in that studio and you could just swap out the client and all the photos would still look the same. Another photographer works in another studio and… And none of the photographers are your photographer.

And I understand. Commercial boudoir photography is often treated as just a quick copy/paste/sell job. It’s a shame, really, because boudoir photography should be an art, not a weapon of mass production.

The unique boudoir photography in Seattle you're looking for.

So if you’re looking for a Seattle boudoir photographer that’s going to make your images not only incredible, but also unique to you and you alone, then look no further. Because your story is unique, and your boudoir photos should be, too. Because it’s your story, let’s tell it your way.

Originally from Philadelphia, then North Carolina, and now settled in Seattle, boudoir photographer Louis Shackleton loves what he does, and does what he loves. And it’s his passion for telling personal stories that will weave your narrative, your story, into your photos.

Now is your time. Today is your day. Click here to get started.

The lovely model for the header image on this page is Darrion.